Environmental Goals

At Pontetorto, safeguarding the environment and developing a strong ecological awareness are perceived as PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES.

In addition to the company’s philosophy, the other element that distinguishes Pontetorto is a high ethical standing. As a matter of fact, throughout its outstanding growth, Pontetorto has always pursued solutions that kept the environment and its sustainability at the centre, making it one of its priorities.

Pontetorto Eco-Initiatives

  • The use of environmentally-friendly products
  • Keeping a safe and healthy environment
  • The extensive use of recycled materials
  • The extensive use of recycled materials made from production waste
  • The integration of natural eco-friendly raw materials
  • The production of high-performance wool with low environmental impact
  • The use of innovative technology powered by natural solar energy
  • Reducing waste through selection and reprocessing
  • The strong attitude towards environmental sustainability throughout the product lifecycle, from creation to disposal
These actions allowed Pontetorto to successfully introduce non-polluting production processes.

Environment Safeguard

At Pontetorto, safeguarding the environment represents a daily commitment and a pivotal point for new projects aimed at improving the eco-friendly nature of our products.

EcoSystem by Pontetorto, a leading project for the environment, develops a new philosophy that sets the basis for this new overall management approach. The EcoSystem range includes fabrics made with recycled polyester, while all yarns and polymers come from reprocessed clothes and used bottles respectively.

Pontetorto is also involved in the production of fabrics made with organic cotton. Such cotton is grown on farms that comply with the standards for conscientious use of chemicals and low environmental impact of ‘organic farming’.


Eco-Engineering Strategy

We reduce emissions We reduce costs We increase global demand for Pontetorto products

Our eco-engineering strategy aims at achieving Pontetorto’s corporate goals through sustainable actions:

  • replacing sources of non-renewable energy with sources of renewable energy

  • reducing the use of fossil fuel

  • recycling waste products

  • reducing energy consumption

  • reducing deforestation

Naturally Natural Water

Alongside the EcoSystem project, Pontetorto is also undertaking other environmentally-friendly initiatives:
  • The production of ‘naturally natural’ water bottles labeled Pontetorto EcoSystem with packaging specifically designed to support the policy of PET’s reuse and  recycle
  • An integrated photovoltaic system with 7.053 polysilicon panels installed on the plant’s roof that produce 1620 kWp, equal to approximately 30-35% of the total energy demand.


Pontetorto is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable textile solutions and environmental protection. Pontetorto is the first fleece manufacturer to devote its efforts to a highly topical environmental issue: dangerous micro plastics that contaminate waters worldwide. Biopile is the first fabric whose pile fleece does not release any dangerous micro plastics, thus protecting rivers, lakes, seas and other creatures from such danger. What makes Biopile unique is its construction. The inner, roughened side of the fabric does not consist of polyester (as with conventional fleece), but 100% of biodegradable natural fibers. These fibers are biodegradable – even in marine water! Should the fabric release even the smallest of fleece particles during a washing process, these will decompose without residue in any environment in around 90 days, thus in no way endangering any living creatures. 100% (recycled) polyester is used on the smoother outer surface. Biopile combines all the benefits of higher functionality with an environmental consciousness, as fibers we are using are considered natural, fuctional fibers with excellent climate regulating and moisture transporting properties.

New Hemp Biopile

From Pontetorto research comes a new eco-sustainable and high-performance Biopile fabric made with hemp. The inner side of this new Biopile is made with hemp while the outside fabric is obtained from a continuous filament of 100% polyester recycled from PET. Hemp is a natural textile fibre that best responds to the biological concept, also offering an excellent response to the needs of versatility and practicality. Hemp fabric is highly protective as it filters 95% of ultraviolet rays and shields against electromagnetic fields. It has considerable absorption power and easily disperses body moisture thanks to its high breathability. Being a hollow fiber, it is characterized by a thermostatic effect that allows to develop a sort of “natural thermal insulation”, creating an optimal body microclimate without causing bacterial proliferation, often responsible for bad smells. Hemp is also naturally antimicrobial and it is an ecological textile fibre as it does not require pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers during cultivation. Hemp Biopile has the same biodegradability characteristics as Biopile: all the advantages of a high functionality with a high ecological responsibility.


According to recent data, out of the 480 thousand tons of PET (the plastic used for bottles of water and other drinks) only 140 thousand are recovered . The rest ends up in landfills. Perhaps not everyone knows that today, thanks to technology, it is possible to obtain cutting-edge fabrics from plastic. In fact, if for many plastic is becoming one of the most harmful issues for the planet, for others it is an incredible resource from which sustainable projects can be developed. Through a complex chemical or mechanical process, plastic bottles are, indeed, reduced to polyester flakes and transformed into granules by melting, then extruded into fibers and finally spun. In order to reduce the global environmental impact, Pontetorto has long been committed to produce fabrics made with recycled plastic that is firstly recovered from beaches or landfills and then turned into environmentally friendly yarns. Join us for a positive impact on the planet!



Pontetorto has developed a new range of fabrics thanks to the support of the Israeli company NILIT, whose Sensil® BioCare has set a new standard of sustainability for the apparel industry.

Pontetorto and NILIT, a worldwide leading company in sustainable premium nylon 6.6, are proud to present the first collection entirely made with Sensil® BioCare, an innovative nylon 6.6 fiber enhanced by a special technology that reduces microplastics waste buildup in oceans and landfills. Sensil® BioCare is the newest addition to the wide range of Sensil® premium nylon products designed in the pursuit of sustainability and environmental protection as well as to benefit the entire textile supply chain from polymer to finished garment. NILIT has created these products to support the textile and apparel industry and address the various environmental challenges they are specifically tackling, e.g., water consumption, impact on the ecosystem and use of recycled materials, as well as to respond to consumer demand for increasingly sustainable textile products.


Sustainable First

Pontetorto is always active in the research to pursue its sustainability commitments. On one side there is the aim to recycle as much as possible, on the other side there is the effort to use materials derived from nature with the less possible impact on the environment. This continuous research leads us to choose sustainable and recyclable fibres. We are proud to have collaborations and suppliers such as Lenzing (for Tencel), Perpetual, Ecotec, Repreve or Seaqual. Thanks to them we’ve been able to recycle plastic or fishing nets and we’ve been able to have eucalyptus in our raw materials list. Research has led us to the production of a biodegradable fleece which doesn’t disperse microplastics.

Sustainable Fashion

The tradition of regenereted carded wool. This is our mission for each and every fabric we produce. And it is the reason for honouring a traditional manufacturing process of our own territory, that of regenerated carded wool.

The practice of regenerated carded wool had flourished as far back as 1850. Prato textile district represents a modern reality of an industry with a low environmental impact. The production cycle of regenerated carded fabrics is the expression of a virtuous circular economy.

The Carded Wool Process

Bales of post-consumer discarded wool clothing are sorted and selected by quality, colour and fibre content to start the processing of regenerated fabric Through the various RECYCLING phases NECESSARY FOR Fabrics to have a new life.

Annual Savings

– 2.138.231 KG DYES – 3.563.718 MC WATER – 427.646.139 KW ENERGY – 4.632.833 KG CHEMICALS – 128.293.842 KG CO2 EMISSIONS


Energy Management

PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM Panels with German technology and electrical output of 1,620 MW

ELECTRIC ENERGY PRODUCED 2019 1.897 MWh/year Equal to the consumption of approximately 730 typical families in Italy Equal to 35% of the requirements of our production processes



Water Management

USE IN THE WORKING PROCESS In the fabric finishing process, a relevant quantity of water purified by osmosis is used. This water is used to generate steam, from the boiler to the stenter machines, to wet the fabric as necessary for some important finishing operations. Once used in the productive cycle, the finishing has the authorization AUA (Unique Environmental Authorization) to proceed, in the full respect of the current legislation, with the discharge of water wasted in the public sewerage.

Waste water purification system The public sewerage used for our waste water is connected to two purification plants strategically located in proximity of the main industrial areas of Prato. During working days, the first plant can handle up to 130,000 mc/d with an abatement of 100,000 kg/d abt. of COD and 4,500 kg/d of surfactants. Whereas the second plant can handle up to 39,000 mc/d with an abatement of 20,000 kg/d abt. of COD and 1,100 kg/d of surfactants.

Development of Innovative Projects


Pontetorto has a constant commitment to the development of innovative projects focused on saving the energy from traditional sources. It is our responsibility to find the way to protect our future by:

  • manufacturing recycled and renewable textiles with a lower environmental impact
  • expressing our ever growing sensitivity to environmental issues



Management and approval of the quality assurance process

QUALITY ASSURANCE Excellence in quality has always been the driving force of our production process, which has made the company earn its worldwide reputation. As a matter of fact, nowadays Pontetorto means reliability thanks to a strategy of continuous improvement to keep up with the evolving international standards. This was made possible by our state of the art lab, which applies the principles of the total quality assurance system through an extensive testing activity carried out at each stage of the production process. For more info visit https://pontetorto.it/en/certifications/


I Nostri Eco-Partners

Così come lo siamo noi, anche la nostra supply chain deve essere ecosostenibile

Pontetorto lavora a stretto contatto con fornitori che hanno un’identità ecosostenibile. Dal riciclaggio di plastiche raccolte dai fondali marini alla rigenerazione di scarti di produzione, i nostri fornitori producono fibre, filamenti e filati sostenibili per vestire un mondo più ‘verde’.

CHE COSA RICICLANO? • Ritagli di produzione pre-consumer • Bottiglie di plastica • Plastica raccolta da fondali marini