Fleece and High Tech surfaces are the latest trend for sport clothing.

The Tecnostretch line from Pontetorto is the answer to the market request for fabrics with a technical outer surface, high elasticity, and high thermal insulation.
The family of Technostretch articles is the fastest growing category in the Pontetorto sportsystem collection.
Jersey fabric with a smooth outer side, a super technical look resistant to abrasion, pile inside that has the characteristic to hold the heat, the elastomeric fiber between the two layers to give the fabric, maximum comfort and wearability.
The production of these jersey structures requires the most modern textile machinery and a high level of specialzation.
After many years of research, Pontetorto spa has reached the ideal combination of density of the fabric and thickness of the pile in order to achieve an incredibly light and soft jersey structure, but at the same time with a high thermal insulation and wear/abrasion resistance.

Included in the Technostretch category are grid stuctures that offer further advantages such lightness and a fantastic breathability together with the possibility to be well compressed in order to use the minimim packing space.

In this category we have solid and heather jersey fabrics, bicolor structures printed with special resins designed to further increase the pilling and abrasion resistance.
Technostretch has a technical look, durability, thermal insulation, breathability and is fast drying.
It is the ideal first and second layer.