Tecnopile is a Pontetorto Brand that identifies and includes the principle pile categories: Basic, Micro, Supermicro and Structures, all in different weights and looks.

Pontetorto is a European leader in the production of pile, a success with roots in the distant past.
The company that emerged as a specialist in the woolen field and in particular in the finishing (brushing and shearing) of classic velours for the production of coats since the 1950’s, has been able to use of all the experience in this field for the fine-tuning of high quality pile.
Pile has represented a revolution in the way of dressing and has opened the way for technical clothing. A route of constant evolution and improvements.
All Technopile products are finished with extreme care, achieving a soft touch and a smooth and homogeneous look, reminiscent of the most precious velvets, but with superior technical performance.
To different weights correspond specific thermal insulation properties, up to the point of an almost total wind barrier in the most compact versions.

The very careful research in polyester yarn selection is an essential element in order to constantly improve product performance. All Technopile products are anti-pilling and have high comfort and durability.
Different kinds of polyester (anionic and cationic) can be used within the same quality, to create color contrasts and allowing the development of fancies in order to express the newest fashion trends as the market requests also for sport apparel.


Tecnopile structures: functionality and elegance merge together in a unique look, to the technical side of Tecnopile we have added movement and color harmony to obtain products that evolve from the classic solid look.

The main themes introduced by Tecnopile Structures are: Jersey fleece, meaning the classic look of a wool sweater reproduced in selected polyester fibers and
with circular knitting machines.
The jersey pile has all the technical characteristics of Tecnopile, but with a very different look, jersey on the face but brushed on the back to achieve more volume, softness and warmth.
The weight of 400 ggm2 renders it ideal for the outdoor and open air lifestyle, functional for climbing comfortable for a city walk.


Our jaquard machines allow us to develop many fancies and structures that give a sparkling tone to our collection.
Micro and three-dimensional designs together with color combinations of different yarns create a fashion look that can fulfill a large number of different tastes and needs.

Grids and stripes

The possibility to alternate within the same fabric, areas that are brushed with others that remain totally smooth lets us create even more specific products , with functional advantages such as better breathability and a variety of looks.
The Grid is obtained by removing some horizontal and vertical threads from the brushed side, technically defined as “needle drop”, the checks obtained this way can have different sizes from the micro grid to the larger checks.
The main characteristic is an higher permeability to the air compared to a classic pile, together with an increased lightness.
Using the same technique, we can make different size stripes with the same characteristics as the grids.