Tecnopile Recycled Bottles

According to recent data, out of the 480 thousand tons of PET (the plastic used for bottles of water and other drinks) only 140 thousand are recovered . The rest ends up in landfills.
Perhaps not everyone knows that today, thanks to technology, it is possible to obtain cutting-edge fabrics from plastic.
In fact, if for many plastic is becoming one of the most harmful issues for the planet, for others it is an incredible resource from which sustainable projects can be developed. Through a complex chemical or mechanical process, plastic bottles are, indeed, reduced to polyester flakes and transformed into granules by melting, then extruded into fibers and finally spun.
In order to reduce the global environmental impact, Pontetorto has long been committed to produce fabrics made with recycled plastic that is firstly recovered from beaches or landfills and then turned into environmentally friendly yarns.
Join us for a positive impact on the planet!