The use of merino wools is rapidly growing in the active sports apparel market.

The technical fabrics of Pontetorto Merino line are made with the finest wools in order to ensure maximum comfort.
Pontetorto spa presents a large selection of fabrics with merino wools for the first and second layers.
Merino is the natural choice for low energy impact sports such as yoga and walking, but most of all suitable for high energy impact sports, such running, cycling , rowing, skiing, sailing and mountain climbing.
Merino, among all the fibers used in active sports, is doubtless the most ecological, but at the same time very technical.

Performance of Merino fibers

High breathability

the wool fiber carries the body vapor to the outside helping the cooling during high energy impact activities:
The fiber is able to absorb moisture up to 35% of its weight, leaving a comfortable dry sensation

High thermoregulation capability

Wool, more than any other fiber, has a high insulation capability thanks to the small air pockets that are formed internally, even when the fiber is charged with humidity.
This insulation power makes you warm even in very low temperatures and gives a sensation of freshness when it is very hot.

Odour control

the complex merino wool structure absorbs odour caused by perspiration and captures it inside the fiber, reducing this way any unpleasant smells.


Pontetorto offers very lightweight jersey in 100% & Merino wool or a blend of merino/polyester/tencel to be used as the first layer (next to the skin).
For the second layer, Pontetorto offers a vast selection of stretch fleece with the outer side smooth, either melange or solid, and the back 100% merino.
The Lycra on the inside guarantees the best wearability and comfort.