The collection Dryfast offers a number of light jersey fabrics with an internal surface of hydrophobic fibers such as polyester or polypropylene, while the outer side is made with a polyester fiber treated with a hydrophilic wicking finishing that absorbs perspiration, leaving the surface in contact with the skin totally dry.

The wicking finishing allows the moisture to expand on a larger surface, permitting the fabric to dry extremely quickly. Besides leaving a fantastic sensation of dryness on the skin, the dryfast fabrics are soft and comfortable.
The secret that makes possible this unique comfort is the functional polyester fibers developed by Pontetorto.

These fibers, available as DTY ( drawn textured yarns ) or as ATY ( air textured yarns ), give a natural soft sensation and, at the same time, significantly reduce pilling and wear abrasion

The dryfast fabrics are suitable for garments to be used as a first layer for running, cycling, skiing and trekking.
For intense and endurance sports, Pontetorto spa has fine-tuned a new 100% polyester material with cooling capability. During the activity, the athlete does not perceive an overheating sensation because the fabric, due to it’s properties and by means of perspiration, will reduce the body temperature by around 2 C° –
Pontetorto spa is using an innovative polymer from Rudolf ( The Ruco Therm CCB ) to create a microfilm on the surface of the polyester fiber that reacts to moisture. The hydrophylic properties of the polymer are activated in the presence of moisture and the single segments of the fiber polymer are able to trap and store the humidity. Trapping part of the perspiration, this process retains enough moisture for the body cooling phase, when the training becomes more intense.
Compared to all the other cooling systems through evaporation , the action of the polymer by means of perspiration allows a further reduction of around 2 C° . A sensation of total comfort can be achieved only if there is thermal balance between the generation of heat and its release to the outside. The heat that the body generates during the sport activity is expelled by means of the perspiration . The special polymer has been used in this new fabric to provide a faster sensation of comfort, due to the fact that the perspiration and moisture move rapidly from the inside toward the outer part. In this way, the fabric acquires a higher drying performance, especially on the part that is directly in contact with the skin. The cooling due to the faster moisture evaporation process represents a fundamental factor in endurance sports such as running, cycling, and cross-country skiing.
The athlete is able to achieve in this way much higher performance. If requested, the fabric can be treated with a special finish based on silver ions that prevents the development of odours due to perspiration.