Sportsystem division is a parallel universe which with tecnopile unleashes a real revolution of ideas.

Constant experimentation and the most advanced technological applications create high-performance materials designed to cover three layers: one next to skin, a sweater middle layer and the outdoors. three levels with different weights, top of the line of fabrics fulfilling every need, ensuring optimal performance.


functional fabrics meant to be worn directly on skin which meet all requirements of capabilities, ensuring a natural comfort


resistant fabrics, high performance, which can to ensure insulation and have the ability to dry rapidly


the perfect combination of features for outdoor activities: protection to wind and water and breathability


Pontetorto is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable textile solutions and environmental protection. Pontetorto is the first fleece manufacturer to devote its efforts to a highly topical environmental issue: dangerous micro plastics that contaminate waters worldwide.
Biopile is the first fabric whose pile fleece does not release any dangerous micro plastics, thus protecting rivers, lakes, seas and other creatures from such danger. What makes Biopile unique is its construction. The inner, roughened side of the fabric does not consist of polyester (as with conventional fleece), but 100% of biodegradable natural fibers. These fibers are biodegradable – even in marine water! Should the fabric release even the smallest of fleece particles during a washing process, these will decompose without residue in any environment in around 90 days, thus in no way endangering any living creatures. 100% (recycled) polyester is used on the smoother outer surface. Biopile combines all the benefits of higher functionality with an environmental consciousness, as fibers we are using are considered natural, functional fibers with excellent climate regulating and moisture transporting properties.

PONTETORTO chooses to care about the future, with commitment and coherence.

The Pontetorto EcoSystem line represents a concrete and effective response to the environmental and ecological issues.

Pontetorto, always attentive to these matters and engaged in the search for raw materials and in the manufacture of yarns made from processes that minimize the impact to the environment, today demonstrates itself responding to a really important goal.

The new Pontetorto EcoSystem line contains fabrics created with the use of recycled polyester, yarn derived from recycled clothing and of course yarn products with polymers derived from recycled plastic bottles (PET).

We have also produced fabrics using  Organic Cotton yarns, from plantations that guarantee a conscious use of chemicals according to the eco-criteria for the “organic farming” (without pesticides).

Pontetorto demonstrates the same foresight and commitment also in this specific and important juncture, and believes that it’s always possible to make a choice: the choice to take the responsibility to safeguard our future and that of next generations. From this commitment comes our wish to proceed with the production of fabrics made from recycled materials, which renew themselves and reduce pollution.