Pontetorto has been producing quality fabrics through high levels of expertise and innovation for over half a century.

Since 1952, when it was founded, the mill has been perceived as a leader both locally and in the fashion industry where it has earned great visibility and standing.
This was achieved through a strategy that has always blended traditional and forward fabrics as a result of an R&D activity where the research for newness was considered the key for growth.

In 1985, at a time when product diversification was not regarded as the correct product organization to implement, Pontetorto was the first mill in Europe to develop a range of Pile fleece fabrics for activewear.

As a matter of fact Tecnopile, the Pontetorto registered trademark for activewear fabrics that helped establish the company reputation worldwide, was the result of ongoing testing and development of brand new materials and processes.

Nowadays Pontetorto is therefore a company which has successfully managed to combine tradition, innovation, creativity and superior technical expertise thanks to intuition and high entrepreneurial skills. The most impressive outcome of this perfect blend has been the capacity not only to preserve but even to gain market share in the last challenging years.

The new challenges are set by the health safety and workwear sectors where the company is now focusing and allocating a lot of resources including a state of the art certified testing laboratory.

Pontetorto is also aware of all the environmental issues and their sustainability. The company with its typical forward attitude is highly engaged in the protection of the environment: at this purpose a photovoltaic panel system installed at the plant will make Pontetorto 95% self sufficient energy-wise. At the same time it is now a standard practice to use in the production process low-impact chemicals of the last generation.

The main markets which take up to two thirds of the production are Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan and United States.


Trusting our abilities is the concept behind Pontetorto’s philosophy.

The strong belief in our abilities is the key concept of the Pontetorto business philosophy. These skills developed over the years through determination, will and perseverance and the need to support them represent our first priority.

Evolution and innovation are the key elements that underpin our strategy.

Evolution is the result of a process aimed at monitoring and standardizing quality and technology in order to offer our customers a product in line with their overall needs. Innovation is the outcome of diversification and continuous experimentation.




At Pontetorto safeguarding the environment and developing a strong ecological awareness are perceived as a mutual responsibility.

In addition to its company philosophy the other element that features Pontetorto is its high ethical standing.
As a matter of fact during its outstanding growth Pontetorto has always pursued solutions that kept the environment and its sustainability at the center making it one of its priorities.

The pursuit of these goals involves:

  • the use of environmental friendly products
  • keeping a safe and healthy environment
  • the extensive use of recycled materials made from production wastes
  • the integration of natural eco-friendly raw materials
  • the production of high-performance wool with no environmental impact
  • powering our innovative equipment mainly with self-made energy
  • taking care of wastes through their insulation and reprocessing
  • the sustainability of the environment has become a key element throughout the lifecycle of the product from creation to disposal

These actions made it possible for non-polluting processes to be successfully introduced.



At Pontetorto the safeguard of the environment represents a daily commitment and new projects aimed at improving the eco-friendly nature of our products.

EcoSystem as the leading project at Pontetorto for the environment develops a new philosophy that sets the way for this new overall management approach.

The EcoSystem range includes fabrics made with recycled polyester while all the yarns and polymers are coming from reprocessed clothes and used bottles respectively.

Pontetorto is also involved in the production of fabrics made with organic cotton grown in plantations that comply with criteria of conscious use of chemicals and low environmental impact of organic farming.

Along with the EcoSystem project the company is also undertaking other environmental-friendly initiatives:

  • an integrated photovoltaic system with 7.053 polysilicon panels installed on the roof of the plant that produce 1.620 kWp equal to approximately 30-35% of the total energy needs.
  • a production of water bottles ‘naturally natural’, labeled Pontetorto EcoSystem with packaging specially designed to support the policy of reuse and recycling of pet.


The organization reflects the need to achieve the highest possible level of flexibility and speed through the accurate division of roles within the production department.

This goal together with the total quality assurance system are being fully realized thanks also to the fact that the mill is fully vertical: this means that all the steps of the process-from spinning to finishing-are performed within the same plant thus ensuring that the level of quality consistency required by the market is kept.

Over the years the level of specialization has been highly enhanced through the constant introduction of new and modern techniques.

To translate Pontetorto excellence in numbers:

  • The company occupies an area of 45 thousand square meters
  • Has to its credit 94 internal employees and 500 employees belonging to industries which cooperate daily
  • 8 million meters of fabric produced in a year