Pontetorto is established in the booming textile district of Prato


the production of traditional women’s fabrics for winter is started


a new trendy line of knitted fabrics is started marking the beginning of a strategy of product diversification


a new Spring/Summer line made of lightweight fabrics for pants, jackets and dresses is launched


First in Europe Pontetorto starts the production of pile fleece fabrics


Bruno Banci cofounder of the company, and father of the present partners acquires the entire share capital. Until then he had been a minority shareholder


the whole production facility goes under a major renewal to comply with the new stricter safety rules


New hi-tech equipment is introduced in the finishing department to increase the capacity of the plant


A new sales office is opened in St Petersburg in order to exploit the opportunities presented by the rapid growth of the Russian and more in general eastern European countries


the company’s range of products is made up by over a thousand different items which are sold and promoted worldwide by an extensive network of agents


Enrico Banci is awarded Cavaliere del Lavoro by Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano


Pontetorto celebrates 30 years of Pile production. A corporate reorganization is implemented with a new arrangement of product lines: Classic & Evolution, Avantgarde & Avantgarde Jersey and Sportsystem


Pontetorto is awarded the prestigious Premio Capitani dell’Anno 2016 for outstanding achievements and great potential for years to come.


November 2016. Pontetorto S.p.A. announced that a majority stake of its share capital was sold to Daidoh Limited, a Japanese group listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange – Press release


Pontetorto presents a real world novelty at the November edition of Performance Days in Munich, a new polyamide fleece


Pontetorto wins the Performance Days Eco Award and the Performance Days Innovation Award thanks to the new Biopile, the product recognized as the most innovative and sustainable, which does not release microplastics, does not pollute water and is biodegradable.


Pontetorto is awarded the Ethical Fashion Award at Milano Unica, an important prize for its great commitment to sustainable production.


Pontetorto exhibits its sportsystem fabrics, high performance and advanced technology, at the Textile Evolution exhibition in Milan, at the Fabbrica del Vapore.


Pontetorto participates in the first edition of Recò Festival, the first festival dedicated to the circular economy in Prato, directed by Alessandro Colombo.


From Pontetorto’s research comes the new Biopile in hemp, an eco-sustainable and high-performance fabric, made with hemp fabric inside and with fabric obtained from a continuous filament of 100% polyester recycled from PET for the outside.


From the long-term partnership between Pontetorto and HeiQ, a leading company in textile innovation, comes the innovative production of fabrics with Viroblock virucidal treatment, several technical fabrics and some fashion fabrics designed to reduce contamination by viruses and bacteria.