From Pontetorto research comes a new eco-sustainable and high-performance Biopile fabric made with hemp.The inner side of this new Biopile is made with hemp while the outside fabric is obtained from a continuous filament of 100% polyester recycled from PET.
Hemp is a natural textile fibre, obtained from the long stem fibre of the herbaceous plant of the same name. Hemp fiber is among the fibers that best responds to the biological concept, also offering an excellent response to the needs of versatility and practicality.
Hemp fabric is highly protective as it filters 95% of ultraviolet rays and shields against electromagnetic fields. It has considerable absorption power and easily disperses body moisture thanks to its high breathability. Being a hollow fiber, it is characterized by a thermostatic effect that allows to develop a sort of “natural thermal insulation” thanks to which it is possible to perceive a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter, creating an optimal body microclimate without causing bacterial proliferation, often responsible for bad smells. Hemp is also naturally antimicrobial and is an ecological textile fibre as it does not require pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers during cultivation.
The new Biopile has the same biodegradability characteristics as the Biopile previously made of Tencel, a fiber certified as biodegradable in sea water: even the hemp Biopile is completely degraded in 90 days in sea water.
Biopile Pontetorto: all the advantages of a high functionality with a high ecological responsibility.