New Pontetorto blankets are born from the valuable know-how consolidated in more than 30 years of production and experiments with fleece.

A production meant for home and hospitality, the line of Pontetorto blankets is based on the use of a fabric that for half a century continues to give us extraordinary satisfaction: fleece.

The Pontetorto Christmas Blanket collection consist of seven different models, meant to warm this Christmas with a touch of unique and welcoming warmth, refined and totally personalised. The design of Pontetorto blankets in the Christmas collection, comes in the natural tones of cream, coupled with contrasting edging in red or green.

the Pontetorto fleece, a revolutionary material

Pontetorto fleece has undergone continuous evolution and constant improvement. Tecnopile Blankets are finished with extreme accuracy and like all products made with this extraordinary material, are soft to the touch and their uniform surface resembles fine velvet, though with superior technical characteristics. Comfort and lightness combined with high thermal properties provide a fantastic product, warm and soft, light and easy to maintain.

The Tecnopile Pontetorto blankets can be made in 100% polyester, polyester and viscose, cashmere and modal according to your own desires.

Similarly you can choose from a wide assortment of borders: from the fluffy feathers to roses in tulle, satin or with in relief chains. Borders are made with blanket stitch or point shell in cotton or acrylic.

Our blankets can be personalized with embroidered initials, logos or specially designed finishing.

your Pontetorto blanket, just as you desire it

After finishing, the fabric is compact, uniform but at the same time extremely voluminous and lightweight.

Blankets in Tecnopile Pontetorto are always warm in contact with skin, very soft, light, comfortable.