Fabrics that are born from natural fibers in purity, selected for the highest possible quality thought for a fashion which is expression of style and refined beauty, expressed through precious and noble yarn as cashmere, mohair and angora.

Within the Classic line, Pontetorto reinterprets the classics and the origins in a contemporary, evolutionary key.
The value of the Classic line results from carefulness and accuracy of vertical integration, wools that give life to precious fabrics worked in-house step by step, until the processing of the finished product.

If Classic line represents the excellence of sophisticated, timeless elegance and the preciousness of the most noble fibers, with the Evolution line fabrics are designed for outerwear with a glamorous taste, declined in fashionable palettes and textures. The Evolution line opens up new design solutions with unusual fabrics for coats, blending fibers and finishing, different patterns and structures.

Angora, cashmere, mohair, different patterns and structures. Armored effects combed or carded, jacquard, soft bouclé, natural patterns, three-dimensional effects, lace, velvet and chenille. the aesthetic forms of these materials and their processing allow everyone the freedom to recognize themselves in their own model, to feel represented by a work unique in terms of care, quality and beauty.

Colors depart from natural shades, from white to camel to reach the most glamorous tones, bright and warm but always with measured elegance, never ordinary. white-black, red in all its scaling, rust, green and denim … you really can not list them all, in the succession of collections, colors coexist mixed in imaginative and refined palettes, painting pleasant to caress surfaces.