in the name of the most advanced experimentation, this lines express and disclaim the stylistic contemporary dictionary, perfect to dress the more demanding metropolitan style.

The Avantgarde line designs fabrics that interpret our time with sophisticated taste and open to experimentation outlining and anticipating the future. A line based on desire of innovation, surprise, with no platitudes.
Avantgarde Jersey, starring offer fashion, is meant to provide our customers with a point of reference made of emotion and balance, issues always present in Pontetorto production.
This line is characterized by innovative products, fully in tune with the demands of an increasingly demanding market.

Avantgarde not only draws fabrics, it designs surfaces and materials, soft to the touch, warm and enveloping, whose element of continuity is lightness.
This sensory and material experience starts from wool voile, from silks expertly mixed with fine wool, from streamlined, crepe, clean and washed surfaces, to dual-opening and two-way stretch up to the weights of wool coats in both fabric and soft jersey, from technical fabrics for raincoats to Mock Leno for draping finest.

Materic effects, micro structures, surfaces, colours: avantgarde and avantgarde jersey interpret style anticipating fashion trends and creating, collection by collection, unedited fabrics, each of which has a special story to tell.

In the alternation of seasons and collections color is always the key player, accompanied by timeless non-color colors such as dove-grey, ivory, sand, greige. great importance to the choice of yarns, in a diversification that is expressed with elegant fantasy, as with Lurex metallic yarns combined with natural fibers such as linen and silk in a delicate alternation of shiny and matte.

Experimentation within this pontetorto division is without continuity solution, with creativity that tapps always one step beyond, mixing fibers and finishes with wisdom, so that fabrics come to life as smooth, soft, scratched, irregularly plotted, jacquard cottons, honeycomb, transparencies, quilted for clothing soft as clouds.